About Us

ThoughtRiver is a legal-tech company with a global presence. Our contract pre-screening tool addresses a fundamental business problem: you don’t know whether you need to read a contract without reading it. We were founded in early 2016 and our technology was developed by working closely with senior NLP and machine learning experts at Cambridge University.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the ubiquitous contract technology for business, globally, with easy to use and deploy software tools supported by ongoing and extensive R&D in AI and contract interpretation.

Our mission is to speed up business whilst deepening and optimising risk management.   ThoughtRiver’s innovative, time-saving products deliver deep insights into contract risks, exceptions and outliers, enabling lawyers to focus on the genuinely complex issues they were trained to handle and minimise time wasted on mundane document reviews.

Our team

  • Tim Pullan
    Tim Pullan

    Founder & CEO

  • Peter Nussey
    Peter Nussey

    Head of Business Development

  • Martin Davidson
    Martin Davidson

    Chief Legal Intelligence Officer

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Chief Sales Officer

  • Richard Moss
    Richard Moss

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Guy Laurence
    Guy Laurence

    Board Advisor

  • Dom Hudson
    Dom Hudson

    Lead Intelligence Architect

  • Rebekkah Provine
    Rebekkah Provine

    Lead CI Consultant

  • Oscar Sullivan
    Oscar Sullivan

    Technical Operations Engineer

  • Emanuela Denaro
    Emanuela Denaro

    Legal Engineer

  • Qu Tianlu
    Qu Tianlu

    Commercial Analyst

  • Nahall Ghouds
    Nahall Ghouds


  • Kim Gange
    Kim Gange

    Sales Support

  • John Porter
    John Porter

    Application Engineer

  • Catherine Firmin
    Catherine Firmin

    Marketing Manager

  • John Sharp
    John Sharp

    Technology & Strategy Advisor

  • David Burton
    David Burton

    Application Engineer

  • Duncan Painter
    Duncan Painter

    Board Advisor

  • Mwayi Dzanjalimodzi
    Mwayi Dzanjalimodzi

    Development Lead

  • Nathan Mccoy
    Nathan Mccoy

    Data Scientist

  • Matt Meyer
    Matt Meyer


ThoughtRiver works with companies across many industries, such as telecoms, advertising and legal services, to name but a few.
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