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Our clients use ThoughtRiver’s solutions across a wide range of applications – from simple everyday tasks, to deeply complex business issues. These applications are underpinned by our software, which analyses contracts based on your organisations bespoke interpretation of risk.

Automated legal review - pre-screening and triage of contracts




Legal teams are often overloaded by the need to review high volumes of contracts for their commercial risk.  Valuable time can therefore be wasted and often contracts are reviewed unnecessarily.  ThoughtRiver automates this process, dynamically applying your organisation’s risk policies and freeing up legal teams to concentrate on higher value, higher impact work.

Commercial Insight



Q: Are there any supplier limitations preventing me from recognising revenue next quarter?
Q: How many of my clients could terminate their contract within the next 30 days?

There is a wealth of untapped strategic commercial data within an organisation’s contractual documents, and yet access and understanding only comes via manual review from an already stretched legal team. ThoughtRiver allows executives to interrogate their contract portfolios to tap into those insights and make better business decisions.

Regulatory Investigation



ThoughtRiver’s ability to interpret contractual obligations without manual review is invaluable for navigating the shifting regulatory landscape. Our platform has been used for identifying IFRS15 and GDPR sensitive issues. We are the ubiquitous tool for painting a complete picture of your risk and regulatory compliance, and helping you to manage variations.

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